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What do I get for my money?

The complete Mr Clutch package; from uniforms to an experienced marketing team. See “The Concept” for more details.

Can I have more than one centre?

Yes, we always welcome people who are ambitious enough to manage more than one centre to run multiple centres.

Will I have to work full time or can I have a business manager to look after my store?

You can have a business manager to run your store, as long as you have enough time and commitment to make the concept work. Experience would show that to get the most out of the Mr Clutch business the maximum amount of time should be invested; the more you put into the franchise the more you will get out of it.

Will I be able to sell my business in the future?

Yes, but when you sell the new owner must be approved by the franchisor and meet the same criteria as initially set.

What is the total cost of establishing the proposed business under your franchise?

The total cost involved in establishing a Mr Clutch franchise ranges from £100,000 to £130,000 depending upon location, demographics and requirements. The amount of working capital you will require will be between £30,000 and £40,000. The balance can normally be funded by a Business Development Loan; we can assist you in obtaining this.

Do I have to pay a deposit? On what terms? 

Yes, we do require a commitment deposit of £5,000 and a signed confidentiality agreement, to allow us to proceed with your application.

At this time you will also be asked to sign a pre-agreement and, upon receipt of this, we actively pursue the acquisition of a suitable site. Once a suitable site has been acquired, you will be required to sign a Franchise Agreement, after which a schedule of opening can be discussed. We recommend that you seek the advice of your solicitor before signing any agreements which may be legally binding.

However, if we find a suitable site but you choose not to proceed, your deposit will be returned less any expenses incurred up to the date you withdraw. The total expenses deducted if this occurs will not exceed £2,500.

What initial services do you offer?

Apart from what is arguably the most important aspect of the business, its location, we also provide every franchisee with advice and guidance in areas such as management finance, advertising and promotions.

What training facilities are there? How long will training last? What’s included?

Comprehensive training is provided from our central training school in Strood, Kent. The course we run strikes a careful balance between theory and a ‘hands-on’ experience. Everything from management techniques and marketing skills to financial guidance and technical instruction is covered.

How long is a franchise agreement?

A franchise agreement is ten years, known as a Five Year + Five. After five years the franchise agreement is renewed and a further five years are granted.

How long does it take between submitting an application and opening an autocentre?

It takes between three and twelve weeks, dependent on a number of factors. Site location is very important and we require council approval before opening a garage, this can prolong the process. The time period will also extend dependent on automotive understanding.

Note: we have answered all the above questions honestly in the light of current circumstances, but should you contemplate taking on a franchise we would suggest that, for your own peace of mind, you consult a solicitor.